Internal Moisture Content of a Board

See the section Computing Moisture Content of Wood for further information about “equilibrium moisture content (EMC)”.

The moisture content of wood is directly related to the humidity and temperature of the surrounding air.
The equilibrium moisture content (EMC) occurs when the wood has reached an equilibrium with its environment and is no
longer gaining or losing moisture.

Fill in the Relative Humidity and Temperature, then hit “COMPUTE” to calculate the EMC.

Temperature (F):    
Rel. Humidity (%):  
EMC   =               


Board Foot Calcualtor

Fill in the information and hit "Compute" to calculate the board foot for the given dimensions.

Board Width (Tant) (0.0 inches):           
Board Thickness (Radial) (0.0 inches):  
Board Length (0.0 inches):                    
Board Foot     =                                  


Wood Change due to Enviroment

One of the biggest problems of working with wood is understanding that wood moves as it surrounding change.
See the section Shrinkage Explained for further information.

Fill in the information below and hit “COMPUTE” to calculate to how a piece of wood changes.

Use the Width and Thickness of the Board Foot calculator above for the input dimensions.

Tangential is with the rings of grain, width of a “flat” sawn board.
Radial is across the rings of grain, thickness of a “flat” sawn board.

Collect the “Tangental” and “Radial” for the specific wood using the Shrinkage Table.

Initial moisture content (%):         
Final moisture conetnt (%):          
Tangential Shrinkage (%):            
Radial Shrinkage (%):                  
Fiber saturation point (avg 28%): 
Tangential Change: Width Final       
Radial Change:        Thickness Final