"The Work Bench Project"

So far this project has only been modeled in SketchUp
The work is planned to start some time late Fall or early Winter of 2008.

This was my first successful model in SketchUp with this high of detail. All the wood parts are to
final dimensions and includes the joinery details. I took this model one step further and generated a
Cut List (material list) using the Ruby Plug-In “Cut List and Materials V3.3” on the main page.

Using the board area information and estimated weight densities of the material I was able to estimate
the total finished weight of this bench to be about 390 pounds!

Model (SketchUp File)
Cut List but Back rev(Excel file)

The top and bottom sections are torsion boxes to help keep things flat and true form many years to come.

The top is design to allow for wear and tear on the surface.
These are 3/4 MDF inserts that can be replaced when needed.

The Vice board and Dog board are made of hard maple for extra strength.

Look at all the storage; one side is shelves and the other is drawers.

The pedestal is built up of 3/4 cabinet grade plywood.