Gerald M. Eberhardt

Future Projects

Drill Press Bench

The original thought of a buying a bench top drill was to free up floor space, and use the corner of
a work bench. This was great idea, but unfortunately the benches in the back of small shop were not good fit.
So I decided to make a mobile bench that provides a surface for the drill press, scroll saw and sander,
PLUS this adds additional storage.
So here is the Drill Press Bench page.

Flip Top Planer/Miter Saw Stand

A bench top wood planer is not necessarily portable, especially the Dewalt DW735, which weights ~100 pounds.
A common solution to avoid dedicating one bench to a planer is to make a flip top cart that can have two tools
mounted to it. My thought was to combine the planer and miter saw on one cart that has extendable wings/tables for
the in-feed and out-feed for the planer and also provides support for long material when sawing.
So here is the Flip Top Planer page.

Work Bench

My current work bench is a bit out dated and a poor design. Plus to help overcome the limited space of
my shop I would like to add additional drawers….this is my design for a new Work Bench that
provides additional storage drawers.

Where to get project plans

2010 to 2011;

All shop activity was place on hold from 2010 to 2011 so I could focus on finishing my Masters Thesis.

2009, Mortise Bit Holder

Mortise bits are pain to store, so here is my idea.
Sketchup model.

2009, Sandpaper Cutting Jig

Cutting 1/4 and 1/3 sheet sandpaper can be time consuming. I saw this idea in a magazine and had to give it a try.
Sketchup model.
PDF build sheet

2009, Drill Press TableSketchup model of the drill press table
PDF of the build sheet for the drill press table

2008, Blade Holder

(See the Shop Notes section for details)

Sketchup model of the blade storage cabinet

Shop Project; Wood Mallets

(See the Shop Notes section for details)

Shop Project; Router Table

Shop Project; Dust Collector

See the Dust Collector Cabinet Page for more details.

2007, Workshop Bench and Cabinets

All the cabinets and bench in the Front Work area was built out of a bunch of surplus OSB
with the additions of 2x4s and hardware. Including the lights the total investment is about $250.
The picture below had the lights.

1986, Power Supply Cabinet

Back in the early days of getting into electronics I built a small 1-drawer cabinet that would
hold three separate power supplies. I made this using a small bench top band saw and basic
woodworking tools in my grandpa’s small woodshop. I would have to say that is one of the earliest
projects I did on my own.