My shop is growing and still changing, check out the future shop if you use SketchUp..... Model (SketchUp File)

In the beginning it was just a garage, bare, basic, and not a place fit for a man with tools.
At first I stuffed everything along the side allowing room for both cars.

Then came a saw, this is what I would call the true beginning of returning to woodworking!

Well it was time to start organizing, making room for storage and most important a bench.

The dream is born, here is a Sketch Up of what I think the shop will end up being.

Starting back in to wood working without a dust collector was really messy, and most
all from a health point of view DUMB!
So here is the begining to a long process, the Dust Collecto cabinet is started.

Evaluation Update (June 2008):
Still a BIG mess, but things are stating to come together. As I get more time I will finalize the dust collector cabinet and the wood storage rack.

But for now this is itÖa BIG mess!

Evaluation Update (September 2008):
Over all still a mess, but in a more controlled manner. I now have started to piece together small improvements in the fight for space.
For some reason I have to share my man space with the family. Cars and Bikes, ughhhhh.

But being the good family guy I give in and maker do. As you can see from these photos
with all the bikes and car out of the garage I have a lot of workspace and now I donít
need to move the saw, jointer, bench and small bench equipment around each time I want to
work in that garage.

Plus now I have a permanent outfeed table for the table saw and a large assembly surface.