"The Dust Collector (In Work)"

Dust is a woodworkers worst enemy, safety issues, fire risks and health risks.

Combined with the confinement of small shop and the problems of dust collecting on the
wife’s car and tracking in the house I came up with this ingenious concept.

The cabinet allows me to:

Model (SketchUp File)

Here about a month ago (May, 2008) I ran into a small operational problem with the DC system. One day while
using the hose to vacuum off some machines I experienced a rather eye opening shock. At first I thought I
was getting hit by 110Vac, but realized it was a rather large charge of static electricity.

The hose was building a steady charge at a rapid rate and at a great enough rate that the discharge seemed to
be constant. Through me!

After some research I found that there is mixed opinions on the hazard of static charge build on DC systems.
Some claim this is a fire hazard and other say is all hot air. Either way you look at the shocking part is
a problem. My simple solution was for about $30 I wrapped the DC hose with copper wire and used duct take to
secure it. The other end of the wire grounds to the outlet that the dust collector plus into.
So far the problem has been solved, but only time will tell, and a good hot dry day will be the test.